Why You Should Be Smoking Hemp

28 May, 2019

CBD seems to be everywhere these days. Its oil is all the rage; CBD capsules are also getting more popular. And CBD edibles are proliferating at a health food store near you, even at a time when the FDA is trying to crack down on them.

Amidst all this, could something important have been lost? If we move past recent trends and look at the hemp plant itself, the plant responsible for CBD’s amazing qualities — it does seem like the industry as a whole is missing something.

Could there be a way to take hemp that’s more effective (and more fun) than all these trendy mainstream developments? At Wink, we think so.

An Old Method, Made New

For millennia, humans have been interacting with the hemp plant. First it was used as fiber, then as food, then, as medicine.

And while modern regulations prohibit us today from making any medical claims, the ancient cultures that used hemp were amazingly healthy. Their use of the plant was borderline religious: when they needed upliftment, they simply took their hemp and smoked it.  

Delicious "Lifter" Hemp

It’s true: smoking is the most proven way to use hemp — and get its CBD-fueled benefits. By smoking hemp, as opposed to taking it in oil or tincture form, one can easily absorb all the delicate compounds the plant contains.

Though the mere concept of smoking often gets a bad rap these days, smoking hemp is very different from, say, smoking tobacco. In fact, it couldn’t be much more different. While it’s been proven again and again that cigarettes contribute to lung damage and all sorts of cancer, not a single study has ever conclusively shown a link between such diseases and smoking hemp.

On the contrary, active ingredients in hemp called cannabinoids (CBD is one of them!) actually overcompensate for the drawbacks that come with smoke. Then there’s the plant’s terpenes and flavonoids (they’re the delicate compounds we mentioned earlier), which have their own sets of health benefits.

The best way to ensure you’re getting these compounds? If you were taking CBD oil you wouldn’t know, unless you first poured over a bunch of lab tests. But by smoking hemp, one can see exactly what they’re getting: a health-promoting, whole, truly full spectrum plant. Just as nature intended.

Another benefit of smokable hemp: CBD that’s inhaled kicks in much faster than CBD oil that’s taken sublingually. It bypasses the liver metabolism that often makes other delivery methods inconsistent, instead quickly and consistently being absorbed through the lungs. You’ll likely feel the effects within seconds, not the minutes or hours seen with other methods.  If you want to relax fast, smoking hemp might be just the solution.

Thankfully you don’t have to know exactly why hemp is so relaxing to fully enjoy the benefits of its relaxation.  Your body knows, and your endocannabinoid system can tell the difference… even when you can’t.

In light of this information, we realized it was time to help the hemp industry change. We decided to combine the convenience of cigarettes with the unfiltered goodness of the hemp plant. The result is the Hemparette, a creation that’s as practical as it is fun to use.

Wink Hemparettes: The full, delicious lineup!

The Hemparette is essentially an all-hemp pre-roll. At its heart are savory, sweet, slightly earthy samplings of the hemp cultivar “Lifter”. With rich floral notes, the strain evokes thoughts of the tropics. You’ll feel like you’re on vacation, too, thanks to Lifter’s high concentration of an especially relaxing terpene called myrcene.

Hemparettes are also as natural as it gets. For one they’re flavored naturally, in a way that actually complements the terpene profile of their hemp content. Our Hemparettes are even rolled in hemp paper, which gives them a smooth, gentle mouthfeel. Throughout every step of the production process, our intentions are clear: to bring the best possible smoking experience to you.  

All this results in a product that’s completely free from carcinogens…and completely backed by the power of hemp. That is a win-win.

Ready to relax, unwind, and get the peace of mind that you deserve? Consider a solution that’s holistic, fun, and practical: smokable hemp. After all, it has a pretty well-proven track record.

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