Wink Natural Hemparette




Carton of 10 packs

We’re bringing you premium “Lifter” Hemp Flower, raw and unflavored. If grade-A hemp is what you crave, this just might be the hemparette for you!

That’s because Wink’s Natural Hemparette is completely free of nicotine and tobacco…but still has the savory, terpenated taste you crave. Our Natural Hemparettes let hemp do the talking.

The result is a smoking experience that conveys relaxation, thoughtfulness, and bliss. You can thank the Hemparette’s ultra-high CBD content for that!

We even roll our Hemparettes in a hemp-based paper, and use a special filter that allows for maximum absorption. In other words, they’re as natural as it gets. Take your taste buds to the tropics. 

Features one Hemparette Per Tube.


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