Hemp: The Plant of One Thousand Molecules

29 May, 2019

Hemp doesn’t just contain CBD. As it turns out, the plant is more diverse than scientists ever imagined.

But because going over all of hemp’s 1,000+ amazing ingredients (Andre et al, 2016) would take some time, we decided to make a list of the most important ones — the same ones you’re likely to experience for yourself when trying our Hemparettes.  

Cannabinoids: Short for “cannabis-like compounds”, cannabinoids are responsible for many of hemp’s uplifting qualities. In total, there are over one hundred known cannabinoids. The top three in our hemp? CBD, CBG, and CBC.

Terpenes: These special molecules give hemp its delicious scent. Though most plants have only one or two primary terpenes, hemp is unique in that it contains terpenes from many, many other plant species.

In our premium “Lifter” hemp cultivar you’ll find terpenes like myrcene (normally found in mangos), limonene (normally found in lemons), humulene (normally found in sage), and many more. And because these terpenes are found in just the right concentrations, their synergy provides a truly tropical experience.

Flavonoids: If you’re health conscious you may have heard of the flavonoid quercetin before. But did you know this potent antioxidant can also be found in hemp? It can — and it’s not the only one. Hemp even has a few flavonoids named after it: cannaflavin A, and cannflavin B. As you might imagine, these compounds give hemp some of its delicious flavor!

As if that weren’t enough, hemp also contains naturally occurring ketones, pigments, and waxes. In the entire plant kingdom, there’s virtually nothing like it.

Are you ready to experience this plant goodness for yourself? Your average CBD oil won’t contain nearly all of these unique ingredients…but the unprocessed hemp in our Hemparette’s sure does.