About Us

The team here at Wink knew there was something important in the future of the hemp industry – and that something is CBD. We continue to look at what science is saying about the medicinal value cannabidiol has to offer. We use facts to guide our formula and meticulously care for our product from seed to after it’s been sold.

Wink stands as a proud premium Hemp brand that helps set the standard for the industry. We want to make a difference by offering consumers an all-natural, 100% hemp option that tastes absolutely unworldly and delivers a satisfying smoke experience!

Our mission? Give the nation affordable, high-quality CBD
that offers the benefits countless consumers already have experienced. Studies
demonstrate CBD’s effect in anxiety disorders,
inflammation and
, and much more.

Everyone is different, so everyone experiences varying
levels of success with CBD. When you’re matched with a product that contains
pure CBD from the whole hemp plant along with other beneficial terpenes and
cannabinoids, though, you can start to feel the full potential CBD has to